Our Frequently Asked Questions

Q) If I have a question, what do i do?

You can reach us through an email shown on the Contact Us page

Q) Are prices on our website inclusive of VAT?

We are not a VAT registered company. So there is no element of VAT in the prices shown.

Q) Do you reward loyal customers?

Yes. We have a Customer Loyalty Program that rewards you. You can find more details here.

Q) What currency rate do I get if I buy from outside UK?

The currency rate you get will be determined and controlled by your payment gateway. So for example, if you pay by Paypal, they will use the exchange rate that they deem correct at the point of payment. The same applies for any other bank cards you may use. Simply, it is controlled by the payment company you use.

Q) How do i value my own coin cover collection?

Here is a simple article we have written to help you value your own coin covers.

Q) Do we take offers on coin covers that are in stock?

We do not take offers on the coin covers that are available in stock. We do however run promotions regularly to help you save money.

Q) I live in a European Union country. What tax/custom charges will i get when my parcel is sent?

As UK is no longer in the European Union, all parcels sent to a EU country will incur specific tax and custom charges as dictated by your country. These charges will need to be met by the buyer.

Q) Do we have a physical store?

We are only an on-line business and do not have a physical shop that you can visit.

Q) What happens once i accept the valuation?

Once you decide to sell your covers with the valuation we have provided, you simply send the collection to us to our company address. We recommend using a secure postal service where the parcel can be tracked. Do provide the parcel tracking number to us so that we too can track it.
Once we receive them, the covers will be checked against our quality criteria. Once approved a payment would be made with 24 hours.

Q) Do we do valuation for coin cover collections?

If you are looking to sell your collection and wish to get an idea of how much you are likely to achieve, we would be happy to provide you a commercial valuation. You can find more details here.

Q) What should I expect once I place an order?

You should get an order confirmation email once you have placed an order. This will have details of how to monitor your order progress on our sales system. As the items are processed and packaged another email would be sent to you to say things are ready to go out. The final email will advise you of that the parcel is sent out and provide you any parcel tracking numbers where applicable.

Q) Why have I have not received email confirmation for my order?

Our sales system automatically sends out an order confirmation email with details of how to monitor the sales progress.

If you have not received this email within 15 minutes of placing your order, then please also check your email Spam or Junk folder.

Q) Is the product I buy match exactly as shown in the photographs?

Yes, we make every effort to ensure you get what is shown in the photographs.

Just be aware that there will be times such as evening, weekends and public holidays when our photographs may not be in sync with what you buy. Here is why: Suppose there are a quantity of 2 covers in stock for one product, if one sells during the above times then we would update the photograph on our return to work. Now if the 2nd cover sells during this time, naturally you will get the same product but with a different cover number.

Q) What is the postage cost to my country?

It is very easy to find the postage cost to your country. Just place the items you like into the basket, then go to the basket. Under 'Shipping Cost" you will be able to see the full postage cost.

If you live in Europe then the cost for Europe destination applies. If you live outside Europe then 'Rest of the World destination applies.

All parcels outside UK are sent using the Royal Mail tracked parcel service to ensure that you receive it securely. We provide you a tracking number for the parcel.

Q) What custom & excise fees do I pay for items sent from us in UK to yourselves in your country?

Each country has there own regulations regarding the charging of custom and excise duties. These would have to be met by yourselves the buyer. Please check your countries Customs Office website for clarity and tariffs. Our parcels are sent out with a customs label stating the type and value of product/s.

Q) Do we buy FDC coin cover collections?

Yes we do. You can find more details here.

Q) Do you offer Cash on Collection service?

We only accept secure on-line payments via Paypal. Our stocks are also held in a secure storage so Cash on Collection option is not offered.

Q) Do you offer Click & Collect service?

We do not offer a Click & Collect service currently.

Q) I don't have a Paypal account. How can I pay using Debit/Credit Card?

You don't need to have a Paypal account to make payments. Simply choose making payment using Debit/Credit card on the Paypal link, add information requested and confirm payment. Once the payment has gone through, our Sales system will send you an order confirmation email.

Q) How do I place an order?

Placing an order is simple. Just add the items to your basket. When done just go to Review Basket/Checkout. There check the order and quantities, select Shipping Costs and make your payment using Paypal.

Q) Do you accept payment through Bank Transfers and Cheques?

We only take secure Paypal payments on our site. Payments by cheque or Bank Transfers are not taken.

Q) Is there a minimum order limit?

There is no minimum order limit.

Q) When will the item be back in stock if it has sold out?

Unlike standard new supplies, our stocks are replenished when we are able to buy collections that also contain the sold out items.

We have a very useful mechanism on our website where you can add your email to items that are sold out. When they come back in stock, our system will automatically inform you. This is particularly useful when you are looking for a coin cover that you are interested in and has run out of stock.

Q) Do you ship items internationally?

Yes we provide shipping to countries across the world. Once you have the added items to your basket, the delivery costs will be displayed there in the shipping costs area. The costs are based on weight, size and your country.

Q) Do you offer discounts?

We often run promotions through our website and social media pages. You can Follow Us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube.

Q) Not happy with the item. What do I do?

We strive hard to ensure that the products are described well on our website, orders processed swiftly, packaged well and sent out in a timely manner.

If this has not met your satisfaction, contact us so that we can help resolve the issue. Use the email in the Contact Us page.

Q) How can I track my order progress?

Once you have placed your order after completing checkout, our Sales system will email you confirming your order and will also provide you a Link and Password to check your order progress. This link and password will can also be used to place customer feedback. Please note that our system is such that we cannot provide you this link and password and is unique to your purchase order. This ensures all the feedback on our website is genuine.

Q) Do you offer combined postage for purchasing multiple items?

Yes we offer combined postage for buying multiple items automatically. Our website is designed to take into account the weight and size of your multiple items and then show you the one single delivery cost at the checkout.

Q) What Out of Hours Support do you provide?

We take pride in providing you swift support. In case you request falls outside our Office hours, we will pick up your message on the next working day and deal with your query. Please us the Contact Us for our email details.

Q) How can I Return an item?

If you are not fully satisfied with your item please contact us defining the issue and photos to show issue . We will be more than happy to assist you to resolve your concerns.

Q) When do orders get sent out?

All orders received before 12 noon are processed and sent out the same day during weekdays. Orders placed on weekends are dispatched out on the next available working day. No orders are processed or sent out on UK Bank Holidays.

Q) What are your opening hours?

We are Customer Support lines are open Mon - Fri between 10 am - 4 pm. Closed at weekends.